National Nurses Week: Honoring Our Nurses

May 8, 2015

March 26, 2015

To whom it may concern:

My 96 year old grandfather, Francisco Rocha, was admitted to ICU on Monday 3/23/15 with Pneumonia and A-Fib. He became very confused and combative and the nursing staff collaborated with family members to keep him safe. I would like to take a minute to thank one specific nurse in the ICU that cared for my grandfather with compassion and professionalism, Rachel Raines Miller .  Seeing my grandfather in the hands of this nurse kept me from worrying.  Not only was she able to keep him frequently reoriented, she established a bond with him that allowed her to attach all the necessary cables that kept him safely monitored.

This was not the first run in I had with this incredible nurse.  Back in 2010, I suffered a sport injury rupturing my mesenteric artery and two layers of my large intestine (as explained by my surgeon). I was terrified to say the least when I arrived at Memorial Medical Center. Rachel, who was working in the ER at the time, was one of the nurses that kept me calm. She explained what was going on, listened to my concerns and kept my family informed of the situation.  I would like to thank MMC for having such a wonderful nurse on staff; she is an asset to your hospital.  

Ricky Bardwell

Ph# (575) 640-0748

Las Cruces Police Department