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Physical therapy and occupational therapy are part of Memorial Medical Center's Total Joint Replacement Program for patients undergoing total hip or total knee surgery. Our program has earned accreditation by the Joint Commission. Our experienced and well-trained staff assist these patients in their return of mobility, self-care and overall independence, allowing most people to return home the day after surgery.

Physical Therapy

Acute care physical therapy works with patients throughout the hospital to optimize movement and function in daily life by helping patients whose strength and ability to move have been impacted because of illness, surgery, accident, or trauma.

Our Physical Therapy Team is available for consultation to the Emergency Department when a provider is seeking additional assessment and/or treatment related to movement disorder, pain, falls, post-concussion or other needs that do not typically require admission to the hospital.

Speech and Language Therapy

Our Speech and Language Therapy team help people across the lifespan with difficulty communicating and swallowing due to illness, surgery, accident, or trauma. Our Speech Pathologists evaluate and treat swallow disorders, cognitive-linguistic deficits, voice disorders, and speech and language deficits during a patient’s hospital stay.

Our Speech Pathologists provide outpatient diagnostics for swallowing disorders with a physician order by appointment. Advanced skills include Videofluoroscopic evaluation, use of Vital-Stim, Passy Muir fittings and post laryngectomy assessment and management.

Occupational Therapy

Acute care occupational therapy helps patients in the hospital work toward independence with daily tasks that are needed to return to life roles and activities they want to do, despite the challenges that come from medical conditions or other life events. The focus of occupational therapy is to promote overall well-being, physical and mental health.

Our Occupational Therapy Team works with patients throughout the facility. Specialized areas include our NICU and behavioral health units. Our NICU Occupational Therapist is the only Board-certified Neonatal Therapist in Southern New Mexico and her focus on baby-led developmental care helps us provide highly skilled, interdisciplinary care for our tiniest patients. Our behavioral health program offers our patients assessments and individualized treatment facilitated by a highly skilled interdisciplinary team of trauma informed care providers.  OTs working in these specialized care areas play an integral part of the patient centered treatment team.