October 2018 CEO Newsletter

October 26, 2018

Memorial’s cardiology team has been leading the region with many “firsts” recently. This summer, Dr. Craig Cannon was the first cardiologist in Southern New Mexico and far West Texas to treat patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) using an approach through the wrist, a method that has now become a preferred technique. In September, cardiologist Dr. Shariq Shamim was the first in this region to use Shockwave® treatment to relieve a blockage in a patient’s artery. Shockwave® uses an ultrasonic wave to break up plaque into small particles which allows balloon angioplasty to be more effective in opening very difficult areas of plaque in a vessel. Memorial is very proud to be a leader in introducing advanced technologies for the treatment of cardiology patients. We congratulate Dr. Cannon and Dr. Shamim on being the first to use these cutting-edge techniques to treat their patients. Read More »