October 2017 CEO Newsletter

November 3, 2017

On the 3rd of November, I will have had the privilege of working as the CEO Memorial Medical Center for four years. What a metamorphosis we have seen at Memorial during this time. I cannot say enough about our superb staff of doctors, nurses, officers and directors, along with a who’s who of southern New Mexico on our Board of Trustees. Each and every team member has taken responsibility for improving Memorial’s quality of care and patient safety to exceptional levels. We have recruited physicians and surgeons who have trained and practiced at prestigious institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Stanford Medical Center, Johns Hopkins, University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center and other top healthcare institutions across the country. My goal when I arrived was to work with an empowered team to grow Memorial into the premier regional healthcare referral system for all of southern New Mexico. I am so proud to work here and exceptionally proud of what we have become and where we are headed. Read More » ​