November 2017 CEO Newsletter

November 28, 2017

Quality and safety are the paramount goals of everything we do at Memorial. We have now distinguished ourselves as a Leapfrog™ Grade A hospital. That makes Memorial among the top hospitals in the nation for quality and patient safety. We are the only large hospital in New Mexico and the only hospital in Las Cruces to receive this coveted Grade A designation. The Leapfrog organization sprung from a group of non-healthcare professionals who wanted to provide the public with an independent report on hospital safety and quality patient care. Hospitals must agree to be reviewed and rated by Leapfrog. Memorial is the only hospital in Las Cruces to do so. It is a true testament to the dedication of our entire team, from leadership through the patient care staff along with engineering and housekeeping, that Memorial is now a Grade A hospital. When you are choosing where to go for safe, quality care, why would you choose anything other than a Grade A? Read More »