Memorial Minute - September 4, 2020

September 4, 2020

Memorial Medical Center (MMC) is always at the forefront of ensuring our patients and communities are safe and well taken care of. MMC is committed to cleanliness and upholding the highest standards of infection control. Consumer research shows that the public is expecting to see three specific practices be in place, to prove their healthcare professionals can be trusted. The three practices are: 1) limited or no visitors in the building unless absolutely necessary, 2) everyone in the building is masked, and 3) everyone in the building is screened to confirm they are not exhibiting the signs or symptoms of COVID-19. Knowing the importance of patients and staff safety, MMC implemented all three of the basic practices earlier this year. Memorial, and its physician practices, are safe places to receive care. We will continue to focus our attention on cleanliness and consistent infection control practices. Stay tuned for more information that will be shared with our community to show Memorial’s commitment to making communities healthier. 

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