Rehabilitative Services

Our Rehab Services consist of Physical Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, and Occupational Therapy. Our team will help patients restore movement and function after disease or injury, to help them get back to enjoying life in Las Cruces.

Physical Therapy

Inpatient physical therapy works with patients to determine abilities, safety, and mobility recommendations for discharge home or to the next level of care. The Memorial Physical therapy Department offers a wheelchair seating clinic to assist long-term wheelchair users to maximize abilities and minimize complications.

Our Physical Therapy Team is part of Memorial Medical Center's Total Joint Replacement Program for hips and knees that has earned accreditation by the Joint Commission. Our experienced and well-trained staff assists Total Joint patients to return to mobility, which allows most to return home a couple days after the total joint replacement surgery.

Our Physical Therapy team also assists with a Saturday high school sports clinic, when in session.

For more information about the Memorial Physical Therapy Department, please call (575) 521-2271.

Speech and Language Therapy

Our Speech and Language Therapy team evaluates and treats swallow disorders, cognitive-linguistic deficits, voice disorders, and speech and language deficits during a patient’s hospital stay.

Memorial provides outpatient diagnostics for swallowing disorders. Advanced skills include Videofluoroscopic evaluation, use of Vital-Stim ©, Deep Pharyngeal Neuromuscular Stimulation ©, and Passy Muir © fittings.

Our team of experienced Speech-Language Pathologists has worked in a variety of settings and across the age-continuum. They work closely with a patient’s team of healthcare personnel to provide quality patient outcomes.

For more information about the Memorial Physical Therapy Department, please call (575) 521-5320.

Occupational Therapy

Inpatient occupational therapy assists patients in returning to normal activities, such as dressing or bathing. Daily activities are often taken for granted until interrupted by injury or illness. Occupational therapy works with the entire patient-care team to make recommendations for safe discharge home or to the next level of care.

We are the only hospital in Southern New Mexico that offers occupational therapy in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. An occupational therapist in the NICU assists babies and families with eating and developmental skills.

For more information about the Memorial Occupational Therapy Department, please call (575) 521-2271.