Critical Care Services

For more information about the Critical Care Units, please call 575.556.5890

Intensive and Cardiac Care Units

Memorial’s ICU and CCU are for patients in Las Cruces and Southern New Mexico whose medical needs are more complex than routine care. In these units, patients may require a higher level of monitoring, specialized medication, respiratory support or intervention capabilities. Memorial’s ICU and CCU are equipped with advanced technology including state-of-the-art monitoring systems, IV pumps, and ventilators.

Our specialty trained physicians and nurses are prepared to treat and support a wide range of complex medical needs. Our care team includes an Intensivist service, which is made up of physicians specifically trained in intensive care medicine.

Along with the Intensivist physicians, we also have dedicated Hospitalist physicians on site at all times. We also have Family Medicine physicians from our Residency Program available. Patients and their families can be confident that their critical care needs will be met with a collaborative team of physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and other specially trained staff.

Patients in the ICU and CCU receive hands-on care from their providers with a lower nurse to patient ratio. Patients are included in care decisions when they can be and families are invited to participate in care as well. You can feel confident that the care being provided is the care that the patient wants.

Voted Best Local Hero in 2021 Bulletin's Best of the Mesilla Valley.

Experienced Staff

Memorial’s Critical Care Nursing team is well-trained and highly experienced in patient care. Critical Care nurses make efforts in documenting a very detailed picture of care and they build great relationships with the patients’ healthcare providers.

Best Nurse, as named in the 2021 Bulletin's Best of the Mesilla Valley, works in MMC's ICU.

Step Down Unit

Critical Care also includes the Step-Down Unit. Our exceptional Step-Down Unit is for patients who still require a high level of care, but their condition has started to improve. Patients on this unit are no longer experiencing a life-threatening condition, but still require close monitoring. Nurse to patient ratios remain lower than acute care medical units.