Memorial Minute - January 15, 2019

January 21, 2019

Starting with this issue, I will be writing a weekly update we’re calling “Memorial Minute” instead of the monthly multi-page Memorial CEO Newsletter I have been sending in the past. Most of us start our day, or end it, with a look at news briefs on our mobile device. Just as the major news sources now send Twitter updates and news briefs which allow you to grab the news at a glance, we have decided to send out Memorial updates in a quick-read, single page, once-a-week format. We hope you like this new, abbreviated format. We welcome your feedback. I am honored that you take time to get know more about Memorial. Thank you for reading our newsletter. We hope when you need health care that what you learn about our quality, safety, technology, and exceptional physicians and staff will make Memorial your first choice!

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