Anticoagulation Management Services

Memorial’s Anticoagulation Management Services(AMS) department provides anticoagulation monitoring and management to patients in Las Cruces and Southern New Mexico who are taking the drug Coumadin (warfarin). Patients who might need AMS services are referred by their healthcare provider. We treat patients with a variety of conditions, such as: valve replacements, abnormal heart rhythms, abnormal coagulation profiles, acute/chronic deep vein thrombosis.

Our department provides services for all of Southern New Mexico.  We have staff members who are certified in Anticoagulation Therapy care.

At Memorial, AMS clinic patients receive support and care that is patient-focused from a compassionate and respectful staff.  There is virtually no wait-time as patients are typically seen as soon as they arrive or very shortly thereafter. We provide safe and efficient care while striving to maintain a high level of patient satisfaction.

Over the last year, our staff has been able to maintain patients within therapeutic range approximately 74% of time. This is greater than the average of 66% for other anticoagulation clinics and 57% for community physicians. 

Services at AMS

A patient’s level of anticoagulation is tested using a point of care(POC)/finger stick blood collection method. This method may not be appropriate for all patients, due to patient preference or presence of anemia and some types of abnormal coagulation profiles. In these cases, venous blood is drawn from a vein in the hand or arm and sent to the lab.

The POC and venipuncture methods both test the Protime (PT) and International Normalized Ratio (INR) which are used to determine if any changes in warfarin dosing are necessary.  We are pleased to offer both methods of collection so that patients do not have to go to an outpatient lab.

Our team provides drug monitoring and dosing per your healthcare provider’s direction.  We also provide patient education on Coumadin (warfarin).

For more information on our Anticoagulation Management Services department, please call (575) 556-6535.