Imaging/Special Services


MMC’s radiology department offers the latest technology, including all-digital imaging which increases the speed at which test results are available, allows quick and easy access for physicians via the internet, and facilitates fast duplication for computer viewing. Board-certified  physicians and MMC support staff provide CT scans, MRIs, X-Rays, bone density tests, nuclear medicine, mammograms, ultrasounds, CT and/or ultrasound guided biopsies, lumbar punctures, liver and renal ablations, and cyst drainage.

MMC offers a 64-slice CT scanner that allows for faster scans with a lower dose of radiation for most routine procedures. This cutting edge technology helps reduce the need for invasive procedures and sometimes can eliminate it altogether.

MMC offers Digital Mammography, bone density testing and complete ultrasound services at our HealthPlex location. Digital Mammography takes a much higher quality image than Film/Analog Mammography that allows for earlier detection and better treatment planning. The HealthPlex also offers a women-only waiting room for mammography patients and a thick, warm robe to make the experience more comfortable.

Our imaging services are open for scheduled testing from 7:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Friday at the main hospital and from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday through Friday at our HealthPlex facility. For emergency services needed outside business hours, our hospital provides 24/7 coverage.

Cardiac and Vascular studies

Memorial’s Special Services department provides a wealth of diagnostic testing services performed by registered technicians in collaboration with a patient's physician. Among the many tests and studies we offer are ECGs, EEGs, EMGs, cardiac exercise tolerance, nerve conduction cardiac and vascular ultrasound, and Holter monitoring. Properly conducted testing leads to information that is the foundation for a proper diagnosis. 

Interventional Radiology

Board-certified radiologists perform a variety of procedures supported by our highly trained staff. Among the services offered are:  biopsies, urologic procedures, abcess drainage, PICC lines, peripheral vascular run-off, vascular embolizations, dialysis catheter insertions and vascular angioplasty and stents.