Cardiac Services

Cardiac Care Unit

This 20-bed dedicated state-of-the-art unit is focused on one thing-Hearts. Our doctors and nurses are specially trained to care for hearts. The CCU provides intensive care to open heart surgery, cardiac catheterization and emergency heart patients. It was built with input from doctors and nurses to ensure more efficient patient care.

Cardiovascular Cath Labs

MMC has state-of-the-art cardiac cath labs to accommodate both scheduled and emergency patients. The cath labs are equipped with flat screen technology that allows for improved image quality. At MMC, we are able to perform both cardiac and peripheral procedures.

Cath Care Unit

MMC offers a Cath Care Unit for non-emergency outpatient cath lab procedures. Patients have a dedicated team throughout all phases of outpatient procedures, have private rooms, and families are welcomed in before the procedure to help reduce the patient's anxiety.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehab is a prescribed cardiac treatment regimen that involves a medical and physical evaluation as well as nutrition and medication education for the patient. We provide an individualized exercise program that will address the cardiac disease and interventions of the patient. Our goal is to improve the strength and stamina of the patient so they will be able to return to their usual daily routine. All physical activities are performed using a cardiac monitoring system, with a registered nurse and a nurse aid's supervision.


 Chest Pain Accreditation

MMC has received full accreditation as a Chest Pain Center from the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care (SCPC). This means that MMC has demonstrated a high level of expertise in caring for patients who arrive with symptoms of a heart attack. To receive accreditation, MMC underwent an evaluation by the SCPC for its ability to assess, diagnose and treat patients who may be having a heart attack and to integrate the most successful practices and newest technologies. Through the combined efforts of our departments (Emergency Services, Cath Labs, Telemetry, Cardiac Care Unit, Laboratory, Imaging/Radiology and Engineering/Facilities) we improved the cardiac patient process and earned this accreditation.